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The Clinic

The Clinic is Fleeting’s literary consultancy. We provide professional readings, sensitive edits and critical suggestions for your poetry and prose. Read about Sarah Dawson’s experience here, or for a quote, send your work to

“These edits are perfect.”
John Lucas, Guardian

“There is always an editor at Fleeting standing by to help – they seem to know exactly what a poem needs.”
Katharine Hargreaves, Puppetmouthe

“I normally have trouble not taking comments personally, but I felt remarkably calm after reading these ones.”
Sarah Dawson, Poetry After Ink

“This is perfect – thank you. It’s amazing how you can say so many things, so well, in so few words.”
Christine Olivier, LibArts London

“Matt lent me his keen eye to improve the piece – I’m very pleased with how it turned out. This is the deal of the century as far as I’m concerned.”
Sandra Jensen, Bridport Prize finalist 2010


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